G. J. Dittberner Science & Technology

Thanks for visiting. G. J. Dittberner Science and Technology provides consulting services in the areas of Earth remote sensing, instrumentation engineering, orbit design, mission operations, data processing, climatology, and project management.

The consultant, Dr. Gerald Dittberner, provides advice and information based on his years of experience as a U.S. Air Force meteorologist and climatologist; an aerospace contractor (TRMM and Space Station); and in NOAA as Program Manager of NOAA's GOES Program, later in observation technology research and development, and as an interface between NOAA and the National Research Council.

Dr. Dittberner has a doctorate in Climatology and a master's degree in Meteorology and Space Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. He has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Check back soon for updates to the web site. Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr. Dittberner at